Our passion for quality is your exceptional treat!
Fresh and regional products are an essential necessity in Restaurant Matador. Therefore our range of Argentinian meat and vegetables are delivered freshly and daily from regional suppliers. Likewise our choices of additional ingredients are never questioned and out of compromises!


Our steak - be inspired and indulge...
 ... with special attention to our steaks, traditionally grilled on „Lava Stone Furnace“: Filet Mignon, Rumpsteak and Entrecôte - imported from Argentina and Ireland.
Additionally we offer a huge variety of homemade side dishes and sauces in order to complete your meal entirely.


Our wine - Salud!
Good wine in completion of a good meal! We pride ourselves on a special selection of wines that harmonise each of our dishes exquisitely. With advice from our well-trained staff, guests are more than welcome for a tasting.

Our staff will advise you.